Houses for sale
In the following information the houses are identified by the lot number and name.
Please scroll down the page for more information on each house.
  • 1 large 3 bedroom house
  • 12 Les Genets (reserved)
    Four 2 bedroom type B houses:
  • 17 Argila (private)
  • 18 Les Chardons (private)
  • 14 Chene Vert (vacation rentals)
  • 19 Courli (private)
    Five 1 bedroom type C houses:
  • 13 Les Bruyeres (private)
  • 24 Cachemir (for sale or rent)
  • 16 Mimosa (private)
  • 22 Ryad (for rent)
  • 20 Urfa (private)
  • 21 Le Cottage T1 No. 21 (for sale or rent)

    The houses are furnished with simple, but well built traditional Catalan furniture, kitchen, bathroom and an open fireplace. In addition to the capacity mentioned below each house is equipped with a convertible sofa bed.
    Accommodation and approximate square meters.

    For details and photos please contact us.

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